Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love Weekly: Date Night

As a new wife, and therapist I would like to pass on some relationship wisdom from me to you! I will be starting a new weekly blog post called Love: Weekly- Hope you enjoy!

Okay, now onto this week's topic: Date night

Yes, yes we all say that we’re going to start implementing a weekly date night, but rarely does it catch on. Too often our busy lives get in the way of the most important thing of all- our relationships. Relationships are a living, breathing thing and much like a plant, if we don’t nurture them they can die. I’ve learned that one of the most important things that we can do for our relationships is put it the time- quality time that is.

Derek and I started a weekly date night a couple of years ago, and our relationship is much better for it. It is an unspoken tradition that every Friday night we go out to dinner (which gives me a break from cooking- yay!) and do something after- movie, shopping, etc. These days our “something after” has turned into shopping for the home (I know, how did I trick him into this one?)

During dinner we’re able to catch up on our week, talk about things we didn’t have time to previously, and sometimes, just talk about family, future, and dreams. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but this is our time to re-connect after a busy week, and I have really noticed a positive difference since implementing this little gem into our weekly routine.

As many of my posts come with warnings, here is my warning for Date Night!

Warning: Do not, I repeat DO NOT bring up negative issues (like the fact that he left a wet towel on the bed that morning, or my pet peeve- left dirty dishes in the sink!) to your partner on your date night!!! I know it is tempting to do because you finally have the time to get this nagging annoyance off of your chest, but date night should be about creating positive memories- not nagging your significant other. There’s plenty of time in the week to bring up these kinds of things (Sunday, perhaps) ;) but date night is not designed for this purpose. I personally know the negative ramifications of doing this, and can tell you that nothing good can come of it! You have been dutifully warned!

I challenge you and your partner to implement a date night into your weekly routine. You won’t be sorry! Can’t wait to hear your feedback. 


  1. Love love love your blog! Jackson and I recently committed to having a WEEKLY date night a few months ago and wow, has it changed things. With a 3 year old and a 1 year old, our evenings usually seem like a sprint to get both kids in bed and then we usually sit on the couch exhausted and watch something on netflix. Having one night to get dressed up, leave the house and kids with a sitter and just have fun has been worth every penny. We have had so much fun together and our relationship is definitely stronger and happier. I know getting a sitter weekly can be pricey but we've found it's worth the investment. Great advice Kendall!

  2. i love date nights!
    we make it a point to try and put our phones away during.
    and i love your "warning". so true. it really can put a damper on the evening.