Thursday, August 30, 2012 not so weekly: Give and Take

Hello blogging world! I have been feeling blogging-guilt about my recent hiatus. With starting to work full-time, (i.e. being a big girl) I have been busy and exhausted. Switching from full-time student to full-time therapist has been quite the transition, and although I have been tired, I feel extremely blessed about this new change in my life. With that being said, I have been paying close attention to the transformation that has taken place in my relationship of late.

When Derek and I first moved in together, it took us some time to get used to being around each other 24/7! Even though we spent a lot of time together before we moved in, there is just something very different about not being able to retreat to your own home whenever you’d like. I quickly realized that when you live with your significant other, there is nowhere to retreat to!

It took some time for us to get into a living “rhythm.” However I have noticed that like any other major life change, people learn to adapt and change to suit their needs. There is a major give and take rhythm happening in my marriage right now, which makes me really happy. We are getting really good at anticipating each other’s needs and fulfilling them. For example: Derek knows that my morning ritual consists of a cup of tea, peanut butter toast, and email/facebook check. So each Saturday morning he wakes up before me and makes my tea and toast while he makes his own breakfast. It’s such a sweet gesture and just one example of what it means to “serve” your spouse.

I try to give or serve him whenever I can also (cough…taking my mother in law to a doctor’s appointment on my day off… cough) haha, I love my MIL and my husband, which makes me happy to do anything I can to help. He is so selfless when it comes to making me happy that it makes me want to give all I can. I am finally starting to understand what my mother always told me about relationships being “give and take.” It’s not always about me, and I’m okay with that. Making my husband comfortable and happy makes me happy, and in turn our relationship has never been stronger.

A recent picture of the Hubby an I on my Bday

I challenge anyone who reads this and is in a relationship to try and "serve" your partner every once in a while! Giving more of yourself is sure to promote a happy and healthy relationship. :)

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